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Under the terms of the amateur radio license issued by Ofcom, radio operators are allowed to pass messages for Category 1 and Category 2 organisations as defined in the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act. Category 1. Police, Fire Service and Ambulance Service. Category 2.  H.M. Coastgaurd. Local Authority Emergency Planning. Any health authority. Any Government Department British Red Cross St. John Ambulance St. Andrew’s Ambulance WRVS Salvation Army. Any utility service. Since the formation of Raynet, technology has meant that Cat 1 responders are much better placed to enjoy reliable communications between the services. However technology can and does sometimes prove inadequate. Raynet services are available from local groups and the national organisation to provide extra capacity. It is sometimes said by Cat 1 personnel that we wouldn’t be required because of the technical content in the messages. Our license allows us to let you use the equipment as long as we are present to ensure correct operation. Category 2 responders are more likely to be the recipients of Raynet services, having a lower level of communications assets. KIRKLEES RAYNET are more than happy to discuss with Cat 2 responders any aspect of their communications requirements. Please use the contact number below. 
CONTACT US : 07597821971
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