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Kirklees Raynet are happy to provide communications for a wide variety of events. Usually an involvement from a Cat 2 organisation is required, such as St. John Ambulance, however if you haven’t that involvement then you can still talk to us and we may be able to help. We do not offer a service of marshalling or stewardship, you have to provide that. We do ensure that marshals are able to communicate with the main organiser and that safety cover is more effective.   We do not make a charge for our services but we don’t refuse any donations to our group. All our operators use their own personal equipment and the group funds allow us to purchase items that would not normally be found in the average kit bag, this allows us to better serve the local community. Usually we like at least 4 weeks notice to enable planning to be carried out. If the resources within the group are insufficient then we can ask for assistance from other local groups, this would happen automatically in the case of a real emergency. This is the major difference between an exercise and a call out. Please use the contact number at the bottom of this page.
CONTACT US : 07597821971
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